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First Post

Hello, I have a wee problem. I mean a small problem, not a wee wee problem, but you can definitely post things about those here too. The answer is cranberry juice will mask the symptoms, but won't make it go away! Get some effing medication you lazy bum.

Anyway. So, seeing as the majority of people here know me in real life, most of you will know The Violin Mark. Aka The Fake Straw Hickey, Herpes On The Neck, or the Whore Mark. Now it is none of these things, I know, but what exactly is it?

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I apologise for the bad quality, my camera has no sort of macro feature or anything like that. You can't really get a grasp of how red it is, and despite my near constant moisturising, when I wake up it rears it's ugly scaly red little head at me. Just below my real head. The neck. You know.

So what is it?? DIAGNOSE!
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From that picture, I cannot say.

But from seeing it IRL, I would say it is some kind of rash. Maybe from some kind of night/day cream you are using or something. Or possibly from your washing powder. My suggestion, is try leaving it for a few days. Otherwise consult your doctor. Oh wait! Try umm... Selsun? or something? I had to use that when I had some crazy dots on my tummy... that are still there. I SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THOSE!!!

(I actually have no idea, but I like pretending I do.)
My washing powder! I haven't thought of that.

...Isn't Selsun for dandruff?
Yeah, I think so... but because it's like for skin stuff, I used it for that.

Try cortizone cream! Or you know, however you spell it. Eczema/dermatitis cream. It looks like eczema to me.


May 22 2006, 19:13:45 UTC 11 years ago

The Plague!