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Internet diagnoses for internet hypochondriacs

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[03 Sep 2007|01:18pm]


Okay, so it came last Saturday (as in 25th August) Oh wait, maybe it was the Sunday? Anyway. And it was real light, like the last day of period light. SUPER light. And then it kinda went for a day. And then came back and has been getting heavier and heavier every day. And it's pretty heavy (normal first or second day heaviness) and it's been over a week.


Oh, when I got it last week I started taking the pill. Could that have something to do with it? As if it would?

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NIP ITCHY [28 Aug 2007|12:33am]


My right nipple has been itching like NOTHING ELSE. EVER. Like sometimes this happens in winter a bit? But it's full been flaking and itchy HEAPS HEAPS. No stinging or discharge or discolourisation. And no smelliness! JUST PURE DRY ITCH. No moisturisors work, at all. And you know...I don't have Paget's or anything. Myarghhhhhh. I know this is just like "it's a rash...go get something from the doctor" but still.


Oh also it's only the right half of my right areola.
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[20 Dec 2006|09:59am]




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[anythiiing] [11 Aug 2006|12:12am]

OKAY. Here's some fun.

*I'm very shaky... like I couldn't pick up some bread I was attempting to eat earlier today. :( It kinda worsens and fades.
*I get randomly dizzy.
*I get confused for a few seconds or minutes and can't hold onto what I'm thinking. Like it took me a minute or so to remember where I was, what I was doing and what I was supposed to be doing when I woke up the other day.

I'm thinking it's a side effect of Zoloft. But who knows.
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Greetings! [06 Jul 2006|07:21pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

I followed marionette0 here. How fun!
Anyways, here are my whines!

*Almost no appetite
*Low blood sugars (my mum is a nurse/diabetes educator so she enjoys stabbing me to check my sugars occasionally)
*A swollen lump which I think is the gland under my arm
*Dizzy spells
*Random aches

Oh, and no prizes for diagnosing me with Hodgkin's or pancreatic cancer, my mum already considered those two!

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[whee.] [05 Jul 2006|06:48pm]

Mmmkay, so I just joined. ANYWAY, I have a crappy immune system of badness and doom so it's entirely likely I have more than one thing wrong with me.
But here's what I've observed.

-I have had muffled hearing for about a week now maybe.. I can't hear conversations close to me when there's background noise - sometimes it gets worse and I can't even tell how loud I'm talking. This has sorta happened to me before. Also, loud ear-noise is observed in quiet places. ><
-Had sore throat for a little while, and runny nose. Probably some winter cold.
-Felt randomly dizzy and my eyes have gone in and out of focus, particularly today and yesterday.
-Been excessively tired and felt like I wanted to pass out from tiredness at school.
-Random episodes of shivering when I'm not really cold and weird skin temperatures.
-Not very h0ngreh for sn4x.
-Had stiff neck for a while, particularly weird and hurty around the base of my skull.
-And headache

Go ahead. Diagnose away, cause I don't know!
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[22 Jun 2006|01:15am]

I got chilblains. Sucka toes.

Chilblain is a condition that occurs when the extremities of a person (particularly one with bad circulation) become purple/red, swollen, painful and sometimes itchy. This often happens on one's fingers or toes.
Chilblain occurs when the toes or fingers become extremely cold and because of poor circulation, blood does not enter the extremities and the small blood vessels constrict. When they are heated up suddenly, for example in a hot shower or when put next to a heater, blood floods into the vessels and leaks into the surrounding tissue, making the toes or fingers swollen, sometimes forming hard lumps. The skin becomes tight and a "burning or itchy" sensation can be felt. This most often occurs in the winter months.
Poor circulation often affects those such as:
- The elderly
- Small children
- Those with or who have suffered dietary problems in the past.

Circulation can be improved, most noteably, by exercise. There are a number of foods that can also aid circulation such as ginger and certain peppers and herbs.

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[02 Jun 2006|02:08pm]

So like, it's not a problem anymore, but I thought it was interesting.

During Closed Doors this play I was in, I was binding my breasts (really tight) because I had to be a man and my teacher is a nutcase. Now normally my period lasts for about 8-9 days (I KNOW, right?) but after the whole breast-binding episode it was finished after only about 2 days. Reckon it's a hormonal thing? Estrogen not working properly?
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mid cycle spotting? [01 Jun 2006|09:14pm]

My womanly parts are leaking. :( Why! My vagina's not meant to be bleeding for another 19 days (no it's not like I just finished my P plates, I have a super long cycle normally). It's not like a gushalush but just that sort of...half periody stuff.

Haha oh man. :( Help me internet!
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Drooling [01 Jun 2006|08:54pm]

Hey Guys,
I was just wondering how much is a normal amount of drool when you sleep at night? Like, I'm not raining spit out of my mouth or anything, but I'm sure it's a tiny bit above average.

teh egg_mailman.
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[23 May 2006|08:45am]

The self diagnosis is in...and the winner is...


"Ringworm is a fungal skin infection. (It is not due to a worm as its name implies!) There are many types of fungus germs (fungi) and some can infect the skin, nails, and hair.

There are a number of ways ringworm can be contracted:
* From person to person via touching an infected person, sharing towels, etc.
* From animals. Some dogs, cats, and other pets have fungal infections on their skin. They can pass on the infection, especially to children. (Animals can be treated too if you suspect a pet is the cause. See your vet.) Farm animals can also be a source. Touching a farm gate where infected animals pass through may be enough to infect your skin.
* Fungi are common and an infection may occur 'out of the blue'. "

"Don't worry Jessie, it's not a big deal. Mum had it once"
"No I didn't, that's gross!"
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First Post [20 May 2006|08:34pm]

Hello, I have a wee problem. I mean a small problem, not a wee wee problem, but you can definitely post things about those here too. The answer is cranberry juice will mask the symptoms, but won't make it go away! Get some effing medication you lazy bum.

Anyway. So, seeing as the majority of people here know me in real life, most of you will know The Violin Mark. Aka The Fake Straw Hickey, Herpes On The Neck, or the Whore Mark. Now it is none of these things, I know, but what exactly is it?

PictureCollapse )
So what is it?? DIAGNOSE!
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